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erik82 wrote:Only the tumbler fits indeed but not the much better blind shaker. And the tumbler has pretty thick edges for the 49mm insert. I use the OE Ipanema 49mm funnel as the blind shaker fits perfectly on top of that. The top of the Ipanema seems to be a very nice 58mm. Been using this setup for over 4 years and works perfect.
I agree 100% and use this same setup of Ipanema funnel and blind shaker (although I don't use the lid in my prep anymore). Tall funnel is great for WDT with Londinum tool or similar from creativewerk!


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Contact Max Sitti on ETSY.com His company, CreativeWerks, made a 49mm dosing cup for my Elektra Micro Casa and Niche Zero.

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if you have a porlex grinder (mini or regular size) the catch cup on it is 47mm and fits. I use it with a funnel too on an EK43s


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I don't have anything particularly groundbreaking to add, but if you stick with the funnel route, I use the top cut off of my cream container. If you're not worried about aesthetics, that is.