1978 La Pavoni Europiccola boiler flange

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#1: Post by hankg »

This machine is on it's way to me. 1978 Europiccola ( with the minimo maximo white plastic rocker switch ) .

How exactly is the flange attached in this model ? What will I need to remove it? Thanks in advance for your advice.

I have had a look at the OE tutorial and some other boiler removal instructions - but I'm not clear on what the 78 specifically might require.


#2: Post by cogfasser »

Are you referring to the heating element or the larger flat ring underneath that?


#3: Post by hankg »

I want to send the base off for powder coating and replace the gaskets so I need to disassemble the boiler from the base.

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#4: Post by forbeskm »

Remove the boiler element with a three prong oil filter wrench or rent the tool from espresso care, also may be one for loan on the buy/sell section.

Now the ring below the element comes off, may be able to get it with the filter wrench or the rented tool. If its corroded it will destroy itself. The ring is crappy pot metal. The threads will go buy bye with any corrosion, if that is the case and you'll need a new ring from stefano espressocare. This may require a new element as it might be too thick to use with the screw on element, you would have to check with him. Or if you have a machinist friend, have him thin it down.

That said you could get lucky, it looks ok from the pictures. Do not overtighten when installing. Its not brass and it will strip itself and spin.