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I dont suppose you know anyone that can 3 d scan your cup warmer plexiglass? Im after aa plexiglass for me, I bout one in Austria, as replica part and it just doesnt fit.
Thanks Todd


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Hello Todd,
could you elaborate how the replica doesn't fit? Maybe with pictures?
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TCM wrote:I dont suppose you know anyone that can 3 d scan your cup warmer plexiglass? Im after aa plexiglass for me, I bout one in Austria, as replica part and it just doesnt fit.
Thanks Todd
Yes some machines use a smaller footprint of plexi. I have a few machines and you need to do some surgery on the replica. It can be done.

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what Paul wrote, I have also read a warning by a manufacturer that the replica needs some cutting to size (and drilling holes).
plexi can be molded with heat
Pictures please ;-)
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mingiunate (original poster)

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Looping back with an update after a few months of use and dialing in.

The steam and water valves finally work perfectly after re-re-re-building them. It turns out I had forgotten to sandwich the shelf between the gasket and the gasket cup (again!), and that was why it wasn't working properly at higher pressures.

After lots of dialing in, I returned to the original spring in the preinfusion valve. Stiffer springs sapped away too much of the pressure for preinfusion. In my head I thought that the spring should be calibrated to slowly open at higher pressures, but I realize now that it doesn't matter. With the right grind and tamp, issues with channeling mostly went away. Go figure, it turns out the machine was properly configured way back when!

I completed the side quest of installing the mercury pressure switch. It is wired so that each mercury bulb is connected to one of the heating elements. This keeps the amperage passing through each bulb below 10 amps. After a bit of fiddling with the knobs, it's calibrated to maintain the boiler pressure between 1.2 and 1.5 bar.

I used a 4-way cross adapter in place of the wobbler weight in order to connect the pressure switch, and added a vacuum and modern safety valve. With these added features, the machine is much easier to use without having to constantly monitor things. It heats up in ~20-30mins on the high setting (1500w), and is very stable idling on the low setting (500w) for hours.

I am curious how machines like this were set up originally. I'm assuming this machine used gas primarily to maintain boiler temp (based on the boiler's singe marks), and supplemented with electricity when needed. It feels like it would be a challenge to maintain pressure stabley for hours on end without a pressure switch.

Regardless, this machine has been a daily driver for a few months now and works great! I don't have any other items on my list for the near future beyond enjoying using it. The one upgrade I could possibly see in the distant future would be to re-chrome the body panels, but it doesn't really impact the coffee.

I do also want to thank everyone on this forum for the valuable information and advice - especially Ryan who's been incredibly generous with his advice, guidance, and time!

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How do you rate the aftermarket spring you installed in the group?

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The new spring might lean to the stronger side:
The original spring was 42m OD, ~125-130mm length with 6-6.5mm wire.
The new one is an Astoria/CMA/Bezzera ~45-46mm OD, 130mm length, 6.5-7mm wire.

I think an exact replica would need to be custom made, but its irrelevant since this group doesn't have the pre-infusion plunger mechanism that would require the more narrow 42mm OD spring. In either case, the coffee tastes great.

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A nice first project.

I expect thread posts of the potential future candidates we discussed 8)
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I'm still wondering how you got the dome to fit, care to explain (forgive me if I read over it in case you alredy explained)
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No asbestos right?
beautiful machine for sure.
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