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I use teflon packing cord, 5/32" (4mm) thick for those packing glands. They will not be holding back boiler pressure but rather just preventing steam or water from leaving through the valve rod when the valve is opened and exiting through the steam or hot water pipe.

The inlet water valve I currenly have two 1/2" BSP diameter teflon gaskets I intend to use, and more teflon packing rope for the gland of the rod. I do not have a pic of this yet but I can show you when I disassembled it. My machine only had one spring.
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Like this? I didn't even know that stuff existed. I'll order some Monday. That's a great help thank you.

I suspected the extra spring may have been a ring-in and I assume that 1/2 inch BSB is internal diameter?

Edit; Cripes! $35 for 1/2 a metre. :shock: Lowes in the US sell same for $2.35. I wonder if I can wind on enough teflon tape to do the same job.
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