1948 Gaggia Classica photo request

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Does anyone who has restored a Classica, have any exterior/interior photos to share? I am looking for:

front panel shots that shows the labeled controls (ex. "vapore" knob)

Interior shots that show how the boiler(s) and group are mounted on the frame

piping and electrical wiring layouts

how the outside controls connect with the interior parts

water fill point and how much; litres or ounces

These will help me with understanding how the machine is assembled and works.


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This is not a criticism, but rather a recommendation. I would suggest keeping all questions you have into one big thread and rename it to something like "Gaggia Classica Info Thread" or related. I understand you have many questions to answer but I often see multiple threads posted by one person and only one is mostly answered and focused on while the other ones remain bare/unanswered. Also it can clutter the topic pages.

You would be pretty hard pressed to find original documentation like that, but early Gaggia machines all had similar layouts inside (ie Gaggia Esportazione/Spagna come to mind). You can expand your search to those machines as well.

Kaffee-Netz and other off site forums often have nuggets hidden, I would expand my search there as a start.
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^^of course Paul Pratt owns this one!

Also, coffeesnobs.au has a thread about one of these that's well worth reading too.

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No Shot Mirror Required - Cool, I like that!
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#5: Post by pizzaman383 »

What keeps the lever down during preinfusion? The only Gaggia lever I pulled a shot with didn't stay down?
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#6: Post by yakster »

Probably a flat spot in the cam that keeps the lever down like in a commercial lever.

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#7: Post by pizzaman383 » replying to yakster »

I thought that the Gaggia levers used the rack and pinion lever mechanism - at least the ones I have seen.
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