La Spaziale Vivaldi II


The corners of the VII are smoothly curved, and the back and front arch slightly. To make the depth dimension more meaningful, all are measured with the machine against the wall, measuring from the wall to the front of the machine. The steam arm doesn’t extend out from the sides of the unit unlike many of the home machines, so very little side-clearance is required. Allocating 28” of counter space for the VII and a grinder allows for generous elbowroom.

Width: 16½”
Depth: 16¼”
Depth with portafilter in place: 19½”
Height: 15¾” (including ½” for cup guard rail)

Cup clearances, all measurements from the drip tray surface:

To bottom of grouphead: 5¼”
To bottom of double-spout: 2¾”
To bottom of single-spout: 2¾”
To bottom of portafilter (spout removed): 3¾”
To bottom of water tap: 4½”

The cup warming tray is square with a raised guard on three sides and a small ridge in the front.  Below are its dimensions:

Width: 13¼″
Depth: 7¼”

There are two rows of cup space with room to spare. You can safely rest the front row of cups cocked on the front ridge to squeeze in three rows. The cup warmer easily accommodates 10 standard demitasse cups in two rows and 15 if they are “Milano-style” in three rows. I place three medium-sized cappuccino cups in the back row (7.5 ounces) and three small in the front (six ounces), or three medium-sized cappuccino cups and five demitasse cups in the front row (2.5 ounces).


Dan and I would also like to gratefully acknowledge the help, advice, and corrections offered by Bob Barazza, Chas Rimpo, John Boralla and several others who prefer to remain anonymous (you know who you are).

We would also like to extend a big thanks to Counter Culture Coffee and Intelligentsia Coffee for providing the coffee for this evaluation.