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Yes, it's a cropped shot. I don't pick up on the lens scratches/ finger prints/ wear and tear either. It is really remarkable how well these smartphone cameras compensate for the general lack of upkeep.

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I've been procrastinating on converting my coffee roaster to full manual control.

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CarefreeBuzzBuzz wrote:@TomC and I just got some LED lights for our cameras. Thought it might be fun for people to post whatever images they like, kinda like the Greens or Crazy Sh*t thread.

Here is one taken with my 105Macro with the new light on a Nikon Z5.

TenLayers wrote:You should Photoshop this image inside the cup in the middle.
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“Coffee is always a good idea”
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No roast issue; no green issue; bet you're surprised this is decaf.

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98mm Brew Burrs...waiting for seasoning beans to arrive.

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Real nice pics of the burrs!

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Thanks. I'll put one on flickr so you can really see it with Download --> Original (7767x5178) :D ... ed-public/


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Early morning daylight