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Quester wrote:When you take a MAX and DE1PRO camping and run it off of a solar array.
I'd like to see a picture of that

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I'm completely lost in the rabbit hole. Two years ago I was spooning ground Lavazza into a Bialetti stove up and adding some microwaved milk. Now to make a coffee I ...

Get beans sent by DHL from Norway
Put them in bean cellars

Then to make a shot I

RTD the bean cellar
Grind into a Weber Magic Tumbler
WTD with a Duomo The Eight
Use a Bravo distributor
Use a Bravo tamper
Extract 40grams exactly using my Rocket with Acaia scale ....

.... where did it all go wrong? :oops: :oops: :oops:

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#23: Post by drH »

...separate an extraction into components so you can taste and rank every phase of the brew...


#24: Post by GorchT »

...go crazy about new gear
...people tell you, you are too scientific and it's just coffee think about switching burrs which are worth more than your friends grinders
...thinking about which tamper base size is the best and if you should buy a new one which is 0.05mm larger because it might help
...aiming for the highest extraction is not about squeezing a lemon anymore
... you look for V60 and espresso recipes think about buying a coffee farm if you will ever get rich
...the decision if you need a new car or grinder is solved by taking the bike


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Got 83mm cornical burr grinder...
Buy a "cha he" that I never heard it before in my life for weight the beans and pour it in to my grinder

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... you install a lazer light on your RDT spray bottle because you can't aim (Not all the spray goes in the vessel, now you decide to spray again and now the beans are too wet. Four beans hit the floor. Now your confused even further. Arrgg :oops:)
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Is that when your beans yell "Don't spray. I give up." ? :lol:
Old baristas never die. They just become over extracted.

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... you have a sister visiting that knows nothing about coffee. She walks in on you and sees you spraying your beans. I make up a story that the bag comes with spray on flavor. I told her, it's chocolate, caramel and kola nut this time.

( Okay, nothing about rabbit hole but true story)
“You haven't lived until you've lived with a cat.” Doris Day


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When you actually have spent more on coffee equipment than you did on your bicycle (singular) Bike riders will understand.

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When your response to every comment in this thread is. "Well what else are you supposed to do?"