Woodworking plans for tamper stand

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I have seen many examples of beautifully worked, wooden tamper stands that fit a tamper, distribution tool, and portafilter on this site and others. I am wondering if anyone can point me to plans on how to build such a thing.



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Why not pick up a pencil and paper and do your own? Much more satisfying to make it just the way you want and if it doesn't turn out so great, change and make again.
Not that it holds everything you want it to hold, but I had a block of glued up plywood hanging around and adapted that to hold the portafilter while tamping.

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It is for my dad, who is a wonderful carpenter and has made many beautiful things in his life. Now that he is in his 80s he wants to make this for me but is struggling a little to design it, so I was hoping there might be something ready-made he could use as a plan.

I asked him for this when it was clear there was not much to keep him occupied and feeling productive, but I don't want him to be stressed or burdened by it.

He made an initial version and asked me if I wanted any design tweaks so I mentioned the space for a portafilter, which is the part he is struggling with.


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maybe drop an email to Dave and/or his wondeful thread:
Custom Wood for your Espresso Machine

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