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Coffee has a large spectrum of possible flavours, and I don't begrudge anyone for having preferences.

I'd like to throw out a tangent ...

Why do so many roasters feel the need to offer a large range, and then roast them to try to make them taste similar?

Nothing irritates me more than spending good money on a coffee that is inherently low in body, acidic and quite aromatic, to taste that it has been roasted to mute the acidity and develop body. The acidity muting and body development don't bother me as much as that it comes at a cost of greatly reducing the distinctive characteristics of the coffee in the first place.

For whatever reason, it feels like low acid, high body, nutty/chocolatey/comfort food flavour profile green coffees struggle to command high prices, and don't usually command high scores on a cupping table. Yet I'm sure that there are a lot of consumers that like them. Personally, I think that such coffees roasted well usually do a better job of creating the rich, heavy, low acid cup profile that many people are after than coffees that are higher in acid and are baked to reduce acidity.
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I have nothing to add that people more eloquent than I haven't said already, but I thought this belonged here: https://magnoliacoffeeco.com/shop/subsc ... ed-coffee/

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Randy G. wrote:Four pages of posts to answer:

"Why is everyone looking for fruits in coffee?"

ANSWER: "Everyone isn't."

..moving on. :lol:
Espressoman007 wrote:Hi,

I want a good quality deep, bold, strong, heavy and distinct espresso, which smells wonderful and tastes like coffee, yes, please!

+1 to the above :idea: