Why do I want this? Breville Puck Sucker knockbox [1 min. VIDEO] - Page 3

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palica wrote:No noise to remove the puck, OK, but you will hear people saying "F*ck! My puck screen!" :lol:
Switch to paper puck screens. I just ordered some and I really hope they'll fix the one thing I dislike about metal puck screens - fishing them out of the knockbox.


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You only need to accidentally throw away one $30 puck screen to learn a lesson. I hope....

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I wonder if a sharp set of tweezers could be used to place and pull puck screens off the puck, especially with the Robot's deep basket.

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I saw this Puck Sucker and remembered how I once bought an egg breaker for scrambled eggs. When my friend saw it, he said, taking care of my reputation as a normal person: "Don't ever show that to anyone!"