Who is using the Force Tamper

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I would love to hear your thoughts! The good, bad, and otherwise!
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Search will be useful, but it seems that while there are few people that use the Force tamper, most of them are very happy, myself included.


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eltakeiteasy (original poster)

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Feel free to link any post that you find relevant. I did a search and couldn't find anything relevant or recent. Glad to hear you like it. Have you tried the distribution base? If not, what base are you using ?
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It helps to search on subject only: force tamper. But you're right, there's not many threads on it.
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In my opinion, the price and the only bad is when tamping, once you push down to tamp, the grounds would fly up in between the basket leveler. To much force is use when tamping not sure if this would cause disturbance in the puck causing to crack but I don't have any data backup the claim, just something I notice.


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I have one and like it. No issues. I think it adds consistency and make it easier for anyone without any experience to get good results.


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I started using this tamper about a year ago...it's one of the best out there, and I've used many. As I think someone said, only negative is the price. But really, all espresso accessories worth their salt are expensive.
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Randy G.

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My review of the Force Tamper from June of 2017.
There was also a large thread about what tamper someone wanted recently. Do a search for "Tamper" here as part of the topic.
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eltakeiteasy (original poster)

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Thanks, Randy - I read through your review. I was looking for anything more relevant since that is now 3-years old.
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Randy G.

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The tamper has not changed since that review. I did adopt the leveling base after I wrote the review and used it up until Nov. '18 when I lost all my gear in a natural disaster. Zubing Sun, the inventor and manufacturer of The Force Tamper, is still at it and working with Decent Espresso at times as well. As soon as I get into my home which is currently under construction I will be getting The Force Tamper as my only tamping device. Yes, the only viable negative (and imo it is a small one) is that the leveling vane occasionally gets a bit clogged with coffee grounds, but loosening the base slightly and manipulating the little vane clears it. The force is adjustable but due to the design cannot be 'calibrated.' That is to say, turning the handle can lessen or increase the force but there is no real way to know what the new force is other than less or more. Since most agree that the exact tamping force is quite unimportant but a consistent tamping force from cake to cake is important to eliminate a variable. So with all things considered from my review and this info, it would be difficult to find a tamper to compare. If you look through all my reviews I had a number of very good tampers in my collection. Occasionally I used one of the others, just because I could, but always came back to The Force Tamper. Take that all fwiw.
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