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Can anyone help me choose a base for the force tamper? Looks like there's a lot of options and I have 0 experience being this is my first tamper.



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What an interesting choice for a first tamper. Nothing wrong with that either. Hopefully will be the last.

An all around safe choice would be just a regular flat base. I prefer 58.5 and I carefully take it out as it is a tight fit. Get 58.35 if you will not be using precision baskets but I have no problem with that size with EPHQ baskets as well.

I also have a EU Ripple Convex which helps eliminate donut extractions if you happen to be getting them with your style of puck prep but the EU ripple is more pronounced than the US ripple so that might be a safer choice.

If you want one then go with Flat. If you want two or more then I would include a US Ripple to experiment with.
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Do you have another suggestion for a first tamper? I've searched on here fairly exhaustively lol I'm definitely open to suggestions.

I had a decent v3 purchased actually but it's on a 5wk backorder so i canceled as I need something asap.


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Randy G. wrote:The tamper has not changed since that review....The force is adjustable but due to the design cannot be 'calibrated.' That is to say, turning the handle can lessen or increase the force but there is no real way to know what the new force is other than less or more. Since most agree that the exact tamping force is quite unimportant but a consistent tamping force from cake to cake is important to eliminate a variable. So with all things considered from my review and this info, it would be difficult to find a tamper to compare. If you look through all my reviews I had a number of very good tampers in my collection. Occasionally I used one of the others, just because I could, but always came back to The Force Tamper. Take that all fwiw.
Just to add to what Randy said, I have also discussed the force of the tamper with Zubing Sun. He said the each tamper is shipped with a spring force of 22 lbs. (10kg). Each full turn of the adjustment screw is about 1.0 lbs. And yes, consistency here in the puck preparation helps remove one variable among many.
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eltakeiteasy wrote:I would love to hear your thoughts! The good, bad, and otherwise!
If it's for the dark side of the force then I will pick one up.
I honestly can't stop myself from thinking of star wars when I see that ;)