Which portafilter basket do you prefer/use

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I have a Baristra Pro Nanotech 22g and VST 22g baskets. Which would you prefer and why?

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I haven't pulled a triple in years.

Most medium-dark and lighter coffees I dose in the 16-18 g range.

I use VST primarily out of habit and that I prefer ridgeless the way I prep. The EPNW "HQ" 14 (doses like an 18) I used to occasionally use on my E61, but find I prefer the VSTs for medium-light and light roasts with my grinder.

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Jeff - thanks

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Espresso Parts HQ 21+g Ridgeless Basket -- I use a 20gr dose and it's excellent! And very reasonable at slightly under $10.


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I have 4 baskets. The one that came with my ECM, a Barista Pro, a ICM, and a VST. I always seem to go back to the ridge less 20g VST.