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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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dunno. will have to ask me mum :D

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Thanks Jack, this is an interesting thread.

My login name isn't original, but it's not the original one. I first chose an even less original login name, dan_kehn, to match my profile on CoffeeGeek. Later I modified the board to remove phpBB's notion of rank (administrator, moderator, member), which is normally shown below the avatar. Something about those labels smacked of "forum police." Still, I recognized that the site needed some clues about who to contact should things go wrong, so I added a Contact link, changed my login name to HB, and posted a moderator's name per forum on the index in recognition of Team HB.

Sorry, that's not much of a story... :?
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I registered on the site a little more than a year ago. Since my name is Ed, I tried espressoed on a lark and was pleasantly surprised to find that it hadn't been taken. Thought it would have been long gone. Subsequently went right over to register on CG and lucked out there, too.
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espressoed wrote:Since my name is Ed, I tried espressoed on a lark...
I've been reading your login name as "espresso'd" all this time. D'oh!
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Johhnyguitar...mispelled due to a late night typo - big fan of Nick Roeg films, Sterling Hayden "There's only two things in this world that a 'real man' needs: a cup of coffee and a good smoke." and "Fooling with a strange woman can get you in a lot of trouble" (and you can take strange any way you wish@)

Our other name, on CG & elsewhere - orphanespresso comes from our history of working in/on/with old cars that have no parts support - orphan models, in our case now, it's orphan models of espresso machines.

At one point, one of our favorite historical references was about orphans in Butte Montana, during the early Irish Miner immigration - you can add the brogue - "Got mo mather, got no father, poor little bastards..." It was a published quote in the Butte newspaper from the Priest who had been running the orphanage in the early 1900's.


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johhnyguitar wrote:Johhnyguitar...mispelled due to a late night typo - big fan of Nick Roeg films. . .
So am I, but "Johnny Guitar" (1954), Republic Pictures, starring Joan Crawford as "Vienna," Sterling Hayden as "Johnny 'Guitar' Logan, and Mercedes McCambridge as "Emma Small" was directed by Nicholas Ray, not Nicolas Roeg.

Nick Roeg, who started out in the late 1950s as a cameraman, became a cinematographer in the 1960s, directed his first film* in 1970 ("Performance," starring Mick Jagger and James Fox).


* OK, he co-directed "Performance," and was its cinematographer. "Walkabout" (1971) was his first solo effort, followed by "Don't Look Now" (1973) with Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland, and "The Man Who Fell to Earth" (1976) with David Bowie.

Sorry. I'm a fountain of useless trivia.
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You're right! LOL - been a long time since the Berkeley film archive days! Thank you for the correct. Still love the films! (and trivia is only useless when you don't need it - it can be priceless when you do!)

What a faux pas! Sure, Nick Ray - Rebel Without A Cause, James Dean, Natalie Wood & Sal Mineo with that great scene with Jim Baccus in his apron! And Humphrey Bogart, and Gloria Grahame - In a Lonely Place...

Our old film buddies would give us NO end of grief over that screwup!

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I was a pretty enthusiastic varmit hunter when I grew up. I picked up the nickname - Woodchuck from the poor little critters I used to take out. Gave that up as I have gotten older. The nickname has still stuck but the only thing now I shoot comes in a glass.



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also a gaming screenname.

we used to play a lot of marathon infinity and quake 3 on the LAN. i would use either rumpledforeskin or regulatorjohnson. rumpledforeskin is a stupid sounding word and regulatorjohnson is a name of a trail at snowbird utah. so i had a choice between rumpledforeskin and regulatorjohnson.

arent ya glad i went with regulatorjohnson?

hey lets all get together for some online fraggin'.. a barista clan perhaps??


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Back in the early '90s, couple friends & I were considering opening a small cafe & microroasting shop. Starting to write up a business plan we realized a name that identifies us and our location was needed. For the roasting end Artisan Roasting Co. worked, but to generic. Add Noel's to Artisan Roasting Co. resulted in N.A.R.C. Made a bit of sense since I'm one of the local pharmacist, everyone knows of my low opinion of people who deal & distribute recreational pharmaceuticals. Never opened the shop. Number crunching yielded some depressing data for back in that time period. Just kept the name as a login name.
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