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I got back from the trip I bought those expensive coffees for. The coffee was three different types, in 4oz bags. So I was geting 6-7 cups per bag. The most expensive one ($160/lb) was very unpleasant, with an acidity that I could not defeat. The last cup I made with it I pushed all the levers forward: ultra-fine grind, preheated device, boiling water, agitation, 10 minute steep. Still too acidic. The second coffee was better but also not much fun to drink. The least expensive of the bunch was pretty tasty but at $80/lb it was very much overpriced. This was my first experience with coffees like this... and my last.

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By far the most I have spent on roasted coffee was about $175USD/pound for the coffees used in last year's World Brewer's Cup by the Canadian champion, Ply Pasarj. The coffee was a blend of an Abu ASD geisha and a Carmen Estate washed geisha. Probably my top brewed coffee experience of 2021 - and maybe 2022, as I have two vac-packed servings left 8). https://web.archive.org/web/20211115084 ... tition-set
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18lb for green coffee.

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I bought 8oz of the Panama Esmeralda Geisha many, many years ago for $100. It was that stuff the community went nutzo over.

It was really something. I've not spent that much on beans since then.