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#31: Post by shawndo »

8oz ball jars.
weigh/dose/grind coffee and for freezer storage.
i like the smaller sizes because i can reach the inside bottom with my fingers when i clean them. Don't need a brush or anything. Also, smaller freezing batches
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#32: Post by homeburrero »

+1 for me on both the hockey puck and the 8 oz ball jars. One other gadget that unexpectedly proved useful is a little Taiwanese spreader knife that i picked up for a buck or two at a Cost Plus store. I know many baristas just use their finger to even their grounds, but this makes it really easy to get the grounds right up to the rim of the basket all the way around without spilling over. My admittedly over the top routine is to dose, WDT, remove the funnel, then even it up to all edges with this knife, then OCD, then put the tamper on the perfectly level bed and compact it the last couple mm while feeling the edge of the tamper and the lip of the basket. Sounds ridiculous but really takes very little time and leaves me no doubt about whether I did a proper and consistent job of grooming and tamping.
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#33: Post by jwoodyu »

Archery fletching veins. I wedged a few between the various panels particularly the shell and frame on my Alex Duetto
. After years of trying to get rid of vibration noise these did the trick. Very quite now.


#34: Post by michang5 »

Small Ball jar filled with rice that holds my WDT tool and magnetic dosing ring/funnel that I use while WDT-ing.

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#35: Post by baldheadracing »

jpender wrote:I'm not sure anything I use that is useful has turned out to be unexpectedly so. Maybe the tiny wax paper Dixie cup that I use to weigh beans. It's got Winnie the Pooh characters on it. I just replaced it with a new one (Tigger on this one) after I realized I'd been using the same dirty looking cup for over a year. I don't know how I'd weigh my beans without one.
I used IKEA silicone muffin cups to do that (and RDT) for years, but I recently spent a relatively ridiculous amount of money on a "coffee dosing tray" so I could 'be like James' (Hoffmann):