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I got it and i can say its a real pain in the ... to wash the screen. It works well (not perfect) to foam, but the cleaning is an issue


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I find a spin (with button held) under a hot water tap in the sink for 5 seconds immediately after use clears all the milk, and then just spin to dry works for me, as a daily user!

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So I've been using mine for a few months now and find it works well for making one or two drinks. Clean it under running water without a problem.

The issue I started facing this morning is that it looks like the thin shaft got a bit "bent" or probably unbalanced and the whole thing vibrates like crazy when foaming milk. That combined with the original button makes it less pleasant to use. It's a great idea, but the built is definitely lacking.

Wish they would have at least kept the thick shaft all the way to the motor instead of having a tiny connector piece. My confidence in this lasting long term is really disappearing.
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#24: Post by emradguy »

Maybe because I've had an OralB toothbrush for years...but since day one I've given the Nanofoamer a quick spin under running water immediately after frothing every time. It works great!