What are your more "out there" espresso pairings/uses?

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#1: Post by Nolan879 »

With espresso pairings like apricots, dates or espresso rubbing steaks being pretty well known, I am curious to expand my pairings to more "out there" things. For example, the other day while making brownie mix, I substituted a shot of darker roasted espresso for some of the water. The final product provided a slightly more complex flavor to what would usually come from exceedingly average brownie mix.


#2: Post by belegnole »

My daughter likes to use it while baking. She often uses it in cakes and icing. Not that what she's doing is really out there. But, I don't even go that far.
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#3: Post by yakster »

I make this every Valentine's day: Sautéed Grapes with Espresso & Red Wine

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#4: Post by Westchester »

Not sure if it's quite a pairing, but after finishing an espresso I sometimes add a dash of absinthe and then fill the cup with sparkling water. A nice chaser to a double shot.

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#5: Post by danetrainer » replying to Westchester »

Mark, welcome to HB and thanks for posting this, I'd like to try it!

Oh, BTW you've stepped in a rabbit hole... :lol:

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#6: Post by spressomon »

Roast beet & chocolate cake (espresso in the cake batter) with espresso & chocolate ganache frosting; a Valentie's Day fave. I also like to dust the pork shoulder cubes with fine espresso grounds, along with cumin, Mexican oregano, etc., for my Chile Verde...

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