Weird coffee rituals

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We all have them, for some of us it's the rituals related to dosing and tamping, for other's it's the grinding and prepping.

I have to share one I created without knowing it.

My wife has never been a coffee drinker until earlier this year. Since we're living on a yacht getting to shops to buy caffeine in other forms is not an easy task and I've been hounding her for decades to get off the Redbull. I've finally succeeded in getting her to drink coffee. Granted it was no easy task.

She's only been a coffee drinker for about 6 months, but damn has she become picky...

The ritual involves a cappuccino (made with a ristretto shot), milk steamed in a 300 ml jug (to the brim). I must serve it in a cappuccino cup, and I must supply the left over milk so that there's a milk refill half way through.

I tried to give her a bigger cup with the whole lot in the cup, but apparently it's not the same. I made the mistake of using the left over milk one day - I will never do that again. I've even steamed up a second lot of milk, and that wasn't good enough either.

The consumption ritual must be just right or it doesn't work at all...

Just to add the the weirdness, I've been using powdered milk for the past 6 months. Yesterday I actually used real milk, turns out she didn't like it. Powdered milk has a sweater taste to it and it apparently makes for a nicer tasting coffee (I guess it depends on what you've grown used to, don't get me started on the bean blend, she's particular about that too)...

What weirdness have you created for yourself or others? I never expected this type of ritual to unfold, it's something we laugh about a fair bit.

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That is funny!

I actually like a change once in a while. It doesn't often result in something better, but it makes going back so much nicer. Every now and then, the change was surprisingly better, which is also nice.
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Repeat after me. "A happy wife means a happy life" Say that enough times to actually believe it.


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Regarding the wife's involvement, I make sure to ask her every morning that I make my shot, if she'd like me to make her a latte, using her milk/creamer mix. Funny enough, she used to be a Starbucks fan and now finds their milk drinks to be subpar, since she can't taste the crema in the shot that they add.
Kid of makes me feel proud of my efforts to maximize the whole espresso shot creation & taste.