Weber Workshop “Spring Clean”?

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#1: Post by acg »

Any idea what this is about?

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#2: Post by TomC »

It'll be interesting to see other's speculation. WW doesn't want to fully reveal it just yet, and just see what folks speculate.

I'm interested in seeing what comes of it. I know what it is and excited to test drive it. When It's ok to talk about it more, I will. I wouldn't be surprised though, if someone stared at the picture and the hashtags, if they could connect the dots they can guess what it is. WW is capturing a section of the market that is otherwise ignored, so it should be interesting to see how the product is received and where it lands in the market.

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#3: Post by LBIespresso »

PF vacuum? :lol:
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#4: Post by acg »

Basket scrubber?


#5: Post by JackHK »

Group head cleaner?

Todays hashtags
#weberworkshops #springclean #cleanerisbetter #coffee #singledosing #precision #barista #tools #specialtycoffee

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#6: Post by networkcrasher »

If I had to guess, it's a group head cleaner that locks in like a PF, allows you to add joe glo or whatever, and has a spring loaded brush you push up to scrub the group screen and gasket


#7: Post by acg »

Two more pictures today but still hard to get. :(


#8: Post by acg »

New picture available now. Definitely looks like a group cleaner now.

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#9: Post by luca »

It says "patent pending"; does that mean that there should be a published patent somewhere that we can just look up? Does anyone know at what point the patent claims are published? At what point can you apply "patent pending" to your invention in the USA? is it after you have applied for a patent, but before it has been granted?

I had a quick look at google patent. Couldn't find it. But I might just not know about searching patents.
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#10: Post by Jeff »

The patent won't be made public until it is granted, if it is granted at all. "Patent applied for" and "patent pending" are "fluffy" as far as USPTO goes.