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#31: Post by ira »

So, if you thought so highly of it, why is it for sale a day later?


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To clarify for anyone who has asked me this so far--

I purchased it to evaluate it. With something so new & unlike other existing solutions, I felt the need to get one and add to the pool of public knowledge surrounding it. Yes this comes at a financial risk to me, but I don't regret it

I did not plan on keeping it long term, I just managed to get the turnaround time to a week

Edit: I also own three blind shakers and several dozen of the plastic bean cellars, so comfortable taking a risk on another WW product


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Funny that the video was done on a Decent machine. From their private forum...

"The Weber contraption will work, and will clean the drain line like nothing else. Won't help to make better espresso though."

"...this tool is technically compatible with the DE1, but In use would not really accomplish much because of the separate flush and brew paths, very different from E61. I'd save your money for some other wonderful coffee gadgetry"

" will "work" but it will not accomplish much because the Decent uses a different plumbing method, and the point of this product is to clean a line that gets dirty in e61 group heads, and doesn't on the Decent (since the decent has an additional line the water purges out of.) However, the product will clean this decent drain line, but it really doesn't improve anything."

I have no problem with Weber Workshops, their prices or their products (I own an EG-1) but I'll pass as it does nothing for my machine. Easy enough to just remove & clean the shower screen in my case.


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I think this device (as all L-W-Weber Workshop products) will and does work perfectly as advertised......for the commercial market. i don't think it is particularly needed to be used at home where back flushing with detergent is only about a once or twice a month affair.

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#35: Post by ira »

Well, the first HG-1 had alignment issues and the price of the little bottles is hard to fathom, but the EG-1 always seem to get rave reviews. Fewer people have it so it's talked about less. There's been complaints about the feed hopper being to small and the wiper is fiddely, but other than that it's a well regarded grinder.

This thing might be clever, but it's so expensive. It's like they were designing a piece of art that happens to work to help clean an espresso machine.



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I have an EG-1 and the feed hopper is really a non issue. You just feed the beans in while the grinder is on. The wiper works great, and changing the little stick ons are easy. I will admit their products are expensive (specifically the bean tubes) but if you ask the man on the street about all the stuff we buy they think we are all nuts.

They say the same thing about bicycles. Quality road bikes make the espresso products we buy chicken feed.


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Weber has done a really good job of presenting products as high class and luxurious. People who have money to buy will buy and those that don't may or may not drool. You still cannot find high quality single dose containers that sit very well and elegantly on a kitchen countertop for example.

It's good business.
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EDIT: Never mind, didn't see that these were already out in the wild and people have posted their impressions.

The Spring Clean is now available:

Thoughts on whether this is actually an improvement over normal backflushing?