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John Weiss' article "Improve your Espresso with Weiss Distribution Technique" was one of the site's first how-to articles, published in 2006. It's become the go-to solution to iffy grinders and inconsistent barista skills. Me, I'm still using the same needle John sent to me ages ago, but today I noticed that there's lots of retailers selling WDT tools of every variation. If you cannot find one you like, try Etsy WDT espresso tool where there's pages of wood and 3D printed versions.

Alas John, had you patented it back then, your royalty checks would be enormous. :lol:
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Yogurt cup, check
Brass piping for my single dose SJ, check
I even have the same tamper handle!
Wow. Only thing different was I used a paper clip. But now I use one of those Etsy wdt tools with acupuncture needles.
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I found a great 3D printed tool on Amazon, and I've seen the same model float around Etsy. I know there are fancier Sworksdesign WDT tools as well, but I am pretty happy with what I have. And all these tools are pretty cheap compared to your average accessory!
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Years ago I picked up a dissecting needle at a science supply shop based on John's method. They only had one left and the wooden handle was broken, but I believe they made me pay full price which was under $2 at the time back then IIRC.

Works great for cleaning out the plugged up jets of showerheads and faucet sprayers too.

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