Water Tank Deposit

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Hello all,

I'm looking for advice on cleaning routine for a water tank. I have owned a Lelit MaraX for a little over a year and recently noted some deposit inside the hose that supplies water from the tank to the boiler. It's a clear plasticky hose with small crystals inside. I usually clean the water tank once a week with soap and water and either scrub it with a paper towel or a dedicated toothbrush to remove biofilms. I'm just wondering what people are using to clean their water tank. Ive read on this forum that some people are using diluted bleach or oxygen peroxide, maybe that would help dissolve the crystal inside the hose? I use distilled water mixed with third wave espresso water packs as my water source. I'll pay closer attention to see if the packs are completely dissolved, but I usually let it sit a couple of days before using it and mix it in before using it. Appreciate your thoughts