Videos of Greg Scace at home (and his La Marzocco Leva X)

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The Ono Coffee YouTube channel - - visited Greg Scace at his house a while back and has been putting out a bunch of videos of the visit. The YouTube descriptions of each video is complete with chapter markers so you can skip to parts of each video that you're interested in. I haven't watched them all yet, but if you're looking for the opposite extreme to, say, James Hoffmann's videos, then you'll find it here - and I mean this in the best possible way.

Enjoy. (I'll edit in future parts if/as they are posted. Six parts as of inital posting.)

Part One - Ultimate Home Espresso Setup - Coffee Brewing Theory - Weber EG-1 - Carimali DivaPRO - Blind Shaker - 25:19
Part Two - Ultimate Home Espresso Setup - A Tour of the La Marzocco Leva X - Scace Wunderland, Part 2 - 15:36
Part Three - Making Espresso on the La Marzocco Leva Espresso Machine - Ultimate Home Espresso Setup - 26:44
Part Four - Shot Pulling, Particle Size Distribution, Blonding & Freezing Coffee - Ultimate Home Espresso Setup - 51:11
Part Five - The Moral Aspect of Coffee, Pressure Profiling, Workflow and Espresso Making- Ultimate Home Espresso - 56:11
Part Six - 3bar Brewing, Doserless Problems, Leva Troubleshooting, Coffee Technology - Ultimate Home Espresso - 12:02
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Thanks for posting this. I'm going through the videos on my laptop in the background while working on reports in the foreground, but now I find myself with the strangest urge to make a shot of espresso.

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Thank you for posting this. It is always great to see detailed discourse from Greg Scace, and we are all indebted to him for his contributions to the science. I shall no doubt watch the videos more than once, and I think I have only seen one of them before.

Sadly, La Marzocco USA does not deign even to sell the 1 group Leva X to the rest of us.

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#4: Post by yakster »

Lots of hidden nuggets in there including a bit about the chemistry of freezing coffee.

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#5: Post by gscace »

Hi there:

Last year I divulged that I had a La Marzocco Leva X 1-group, I teased with a little prose about it and threatened to write more stuff when i felt like it. True to my word I didn't feel like it, so you didn't get a writeup. That wasn't all that helpful because the Leva X is a really interesting machine. The Jay Caragay (Onocoffee) came to my house one afternoon to check it out, and produced a series of videos about it. I think that there are 6 of them. I didn't know one trip to my lair could produce 6 videos worth watching, but there they are. They discuss the Leva a lot and the Weber Workshops EG-1 among other things. You can decide if they are worth watching. They are all called "Coffee Wunderland blah woof" and the first one is here at:
A link to Onocoffee videos is here, so you can find the others at the following link if the first one didn't make you puke: ... PNQFKlRW0B

I've looked at them because I have a sh** ton more experience with the machinery now, folks have asked good questions, and I can answer a lot of them. I think a followup video is likely because Jay is my friend and there are toys to play with here. Ask questions and I'll try to answer here and include in any future video stuff.

-Greg Scace

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gscace wrote:Last year I divulged that I had a La Marzocco Leva X 1-group... [in La Marzocco 1-group Leva X - the teaser post]
Welcome back! Craig (baldheadracing) beat you to it, so I've merged your thread with his. :D
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gscace wrote:Hi there:

-Greg Scace
Nice to see you post! Thanks for sharing, Greg. I always look forward to your informative musings.


Full stop. No half measures. Thankful to be in such a supportive community.

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#8: Post by gscace »

mivanitsky wrote:Sadly, La Marzocco USA does not deign even to sell the 1 group Leva X to the rest of us.
Contact them directly if you're interested in a 1-group.

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#9: Post by pizzaman383 »

It was a real treat to see the LM Leva in operation! It seems to be quite sophisticated and capable. I have questions :)

How easy is the learning curve? Is it forgiving or temperamental?
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#10: Post by Chert »

I wish the take home was that more machines makes them stay tidier; in that case maybe I could get more of them.

I was impressed with the cleanliness of grinders and machines despite the sheer number.
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