Unusual new portafilter basket

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This showed up on the Decent board today, a portafilter called BoB. It's interesting because it has much less area for water to flow and one of the posts in the customer feedback section said they had to grind coarser. Wonder if it's some midpoint between pressurized baskets and normal baskets that might be good for the casual newcomer. i.e. makes reasonable shots with worse puck prep.

They also have some interesting looking shower screens that use vastly reduced hole area to theoretically improve distribution, interesting and possibly useful if you have really uneven distribution.


Certainly not recommending this as I've zero experience with it, but it seems to be quite "outside the box" thinking on how to brew espresso.

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"I'm the new generation, double filter basket, designed to be as friendly as possible, like my name. I'm the best friend of every type of coffee.
My shape is designed to "regroup" the coffee during preinfusion time and the first part of the extraction in one stream really quickly."
Double basket? :?

I looked and found no address, location, or phone number. The "About Us" link goes back to the home page.
My first guess is that I could not go visit them because I do not have a passport. Do the math on that one.
They have been around- the © on the page is 2020.
The only contact info is an HTML email form.

Portafilter drop....
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I looked closely at the holes in the BOB filters and note that they are in the center of little "dimples." Most of my filters do not have those dimples, but one or two do (I can't remember which brand they are). The cost of these filters seems reasonable enough to try one to compare with what you are using now.

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My brother just bought some filter baskets to try. He uses the same espresso pulled the same way all the time so it should be easy for him to tell if the shots are different.
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I don't know how these are made, but older baskets and maybe still the bottom end baskets were made by punching the inside with pointed things and then grinding the other side down till there were tiny hole.

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WLL carries these baskets... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K81RgQln_dk