Under table top knockbox drawer?

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Hi all, I'm looking to get a table for my new espresso machine. I'll also want a knock box since I really enjoy smacking things with a portafilter at work. (Regardless of whether I have anger management issues :lol:) I'm looking for a knockbox that can either attach to separate drawer slides or is a whole drawer product which can screw into a wood counter top from underneath.

Has anyone seen anything?


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I'm also ok with any sturdy Knockboxes with a drawer that goes on top of a table and can support a 6" wide grinder without flexing much. I'm realizing that banging on a drawer mounted with wood screws might not be the greatest idea unless I go all the way through the table and make it an interference fit.

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Espresso Parts Northwest, EPNW, has the knock drawers. Thy are hideously expensive. I opted to cut my counter and install a surface mount knock box. Much cheaper. They have ones that are self contained, you pull it out and dump it. They also have ones where you put a waste can under it.


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Thanks, I'm leaning towards installing a sixth sized knockbox flush with the counter.

Just something about having the grinder directly on the table top rather than on a knock box drawer appeals to me.

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I don't like the hole for stuff falling in I had that before and the above counter ones are loud. A good one is sturdy though.

There are flip out drawers too common in Italy

I think we should build something.

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I love my surface mounted knock box.