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#11: Post by Bob_McBob »

It's not the minty aftertaste of the toothpaste, it's the way it affects your taste buds. Try finding a toothpaste without sodium laureth sulfate.

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#12: Post by iginfect »

Bob, your post is an eye opener. I googled sodium laurel sulfate, as I thought you mispelled lauryl, which I did mispell, got redirected to the lauryl and then looked in wikipedia. It seems both, if there is 2, compounds, cause taste and other problems. I don't trust wikipedia too much as one of the entries has both spellings altho it warns that they are different. In any case I tried finding toothpaste without them and the alternatives are worse. They contain xylitol which is supposed to be less "toxic" than sorbitol(both are alcoholic sugars) (which gives me diarrhea) and usually licorice (or "natural glycyrrhizin") which is not good for hypertension or congestive heart failure (it makes you retain sodium). Many proudly not contain fluoride, which I prefer as we have well water. Another Jim's NaHCO3/H2O2 seems the way to go.


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#13: Post by Stuggi »

Why would you avoid xylitol if you don't have a direct intolerance to it? It's harmless and keeps your mouth cavity free. It's only if you overdose on it that it gives you some problems with your stomach, since it's a laxative.

EDIT: And oh, xylitol and sorbitol aren't substitutes for sodium lauryl sulfate, they do very separate things. Sodium lauryl sulfate is a surfactant that helps the toothpaste remove the organic matter lodged between your teeth. Some kind of surfactant is used in all soaps. Xylitol and sorbitol are sugar alcohols, and doesn't do much else than sweeten the toothpaste. The difference is that xylitol prevents cavities, read the wikipedia articles, I can assure you they are straight enough, I live in the country the studies come from, they pop up every now and then.
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