Tips for Custom Travel Case for Decent + Grinder?

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Hi all. Not sure if this is the best forum to ask this. Recently I have decided to purchase a secondary decent espresso machine + grinder setup as my travel solution to espresso. I have not ironed out the final grinder of choice but I have my mind set on the Lagom P64. Because the suitcase the decent machine comes with has no room for another grinder, I've decided to seek other solution for this setup. The idea is to have a heavy-duty hard case (such as pelican) that is filled with laser-cut foam to securely transport a decent XL machine with a flat burr electric grinder (such as P64), with a combined outer dimension under 62 inches and a weight under 70lbs for airline baggage weight limitations.

Does anyone know if there exists any similar solution already? Not looking for pick-foam solutions.
If not, I'm going to follow through with to custom-make one for my own need (decent + P64), as they seem to be able to streamline the process from design to production with test-fit. If anyone has had great experience with other custom-made suitcase company, please let me know! If there's anyone who's as mad as I am wants in, please let me know since ordering multiple identical custom-made suitcases bring the cost down quite much. I'm flexible with grinder choices as long as it's an appropriate-sized flat burr grinder. Thanks!


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I'm not sure if you've spoken to John, but he mentioned that Decent are making a custom foam insert for the Decent case which will take a Niche and coffee accessories, and can allow your entire set up to travel with you in two manageable cases. I can't remember whether John is planning to make the case for the Zero or Duo, but if the latter it would certainly fit your use case. It might be worth pinging him on Diaspora.