This Is Your Brain On Coffee

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Because of my job, I get copies of Brain & Life, a bimonthly magazine that has articles geared towards people who are interested in information about common (as well as some relatively uncommon) neurological conditions, like migraine, seizures, Parkinson and Alzheimer diseases. I was pleased to find this article in the February/March issue, which deals with the benefits of drinking coffee: ... ic-disease

This is not any sort of peer-reviewed scientific report based on rigorously collected and analyzed data, but it is backed up by reports elsewhere that are.

Nice to read stuff that seems to indicate that something enjoyable actually is good for you. I'm not sure, but I think some of those cigarette smoking doctors in Woody Allen's Sleeper were drinking coffee...

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A phrase I particularly like saying to people when the subject of coffee comes up is "It's medicinal!".