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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.
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Great story! I love it. I have not found any of my friends or family here since joining the BH a few months back. But after striking up a conversation on a thread and looking up the name, I sometimes realize that I am casually chatting with a famous "influencer". Not that I know many but quite a few famous people in the coffee industry/world seem to visit this forum.
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Sort of the opposite.. I use the same name at work (roaster technical support) and once in a while I get messages like, "Are you the same Randy G. as on Home Barista.." as well as mentions of thanks for my website. With only one or two exceptions (from memory) in twenty three years in this hobby/industry it has been a lot of fun making a positive impression like that. - 2000-2023 - a good run, its time is done

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pizzaman383 wrote:Some years ago I got a call from my twin brother. It went something like this:
Eric says "Are you PizzaMan383?"
I (Curtis) say, "Yeah" (I use that name on various online forums)
Eric says "On are you PizzaMan383?"
PizzaMan383 says "yeah"
Eric (BigEric) says "Are you into espresso?"
PizzaMan383 says "Yes, are you into espresso?"
BigEric says "Yes. How long have you been into espresso?"
PizzaMan383 says "7 years. How long have you been into espresso?"
BigEric says "Five years. I was reading posts about espresso machines on because I need a new one and found some posts that made sense to me. I looked to see who posted, saw PizzaMan383 from Roswell, GA then I called you."

The interesting thing is that BigEric and I are identical twins. We had each been making espresso on our own without ever mentioning it until we found each other on!
That's pretty funny and no surprise with what's known about identical twins.

Just today I found your brother's post about a project machine that's so wonderfully designed and executed he could serve on the engineering team of a manufacturer. He must use his those skills professionally.

And, I still use your well-written book, Passionate About Pizza. You wrote it so long ago it must seem like it was in an earlier lifetime.

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!

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Yeah, the identical twin (triplet) thing is real. We have gotten the same degrees, twice. We have twice bought the same make, model, and color car. Our kids and wives can be fooled if the are just hearing one of our voices because our manner of speech is so similar.

The surprise was the fact that we had both been doing something that we hadn't talked about with each other. That is really rare since we talk very0 frequently about almost everything going on.
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