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I have been making lattes with Blue Diamond Almond Milk for years. Love it. Never had a reaction (I sometimes do get a reaction to cows milk) (probably occasionally lactose intolerant or something - I don't keep cows milk around.). You probably have an allergy of sorts but do try different brands of a particular plant/seed/nut, as additives are indeed different.

You could unscrew the steam tip just to check it - I do mine every few months or so but never really found anything. After stretch liquid, I immediately blow steam(1 sec), wipe tip firmly with wet/damp kleenex or paper towel to get any residue, and then blow steam(1 sec) again. Eyeball tip to assure no residue and wipe again if needed. Never had a problem. And my boiler outside is PIDed to 223 so I run things on the low end of "average", so if something like bacteria could occur, it would. But doesn't. If your tip is clean, look elsewhere!
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Which oat milk brand?
I use Califia Farms Oat Barista Blend, after trying the Oat milk and also the Silk oat milk from Costco.
I only use a splash or two with my iced espresso, but am willing to steam steam it to see if I experience similar issues.


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i'd like to share my experience, but i've only used dairy.

going between lots of brand (almost anything i can find here, both shops and online). also some of them are reconstitute or not pure or has been processed somewhat.
i find there are milks that justs turns bad in texture and taste when steamed. some became powdery even, or outright wierd undrinkable tasting.they all taste ok cold. this happens both on my old bambino and bdb.

steaming aside, i found some brands also reaally promotes bowel movements. my brother have same issue with same brand, but none of his kids or wife hit this.
i avoid those problems ones and sticks to the one that taste nice steamed, coffee'd, and without extra status effects.

i'd assume plant based are more finicky due to content and composition to make it milk. try a different brand and see what works for you. the labels sometimes can help too.