Squirts sprays and drips after new grinder

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Hi all. Long time lurker, finally thinking, I know enough to ask questions! Still a long way from being able to offer advice :)

Quick rundown of my set up, ECM Classika, Eureka Mignon Oro SD, with a Force Tamper and normcore WDT tool. Recently updated my grinder from a Sette 270. I liked the Sette, it was probably "enough" of a grinder for me however, my girlfriend has recently started drinking a morning cup of coffee and I want to get her off preground beans! So I had to go buy a new grinder for myself ;)

I finally feel like I have the Mignon dialed in for standard issue 2 to 1 30 second shots. It seemed harder to find a baseline on that grinder. I'm getting a ton of squirts and sprays, plus actually some liquid dripping down the Portafilter handle. I'm using the exact same beans, same roast date back to back with the Sette and I have to same work flow.

I do not have the issue with my old grinder, but can't seem to avoid it with the new grinder. There's got to be something obvious that I'm missing, but searching through the forums, I could not find my exact issue.

I was pulling my hair out enough trying to decide on the new grinder, now this has me second-guessing myself.

As a sidenote, despite not having the most refined palate, I definitely can taste some difference between the two grinders. I haven't made an effort to dial in the espresso for taste with the new grinder yet but once I do, I'm sure it's going to be excellent.

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Try grinding a bit finer / coarser and use a bit less / more coffee

There's nothing magical about a fixed dose weight.
Once I'm dialed, I don't adjust the grinder and add about 0.1g every three weeks as coffee ages slightly in the freezer. Shots are to nearest 0.05g / 2s as possible.

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Thanks. I'll play with dosing a little. It must be something in the nature of the ground coffee in the Eureka that makes it act so differently.


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ifi it's new your burr set may need to break in, aside from other potential causes like overdosing etc.
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I've mostly found that repeated spritz are best adjusted by grind and concomitant dose adjustments

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I did change my workflow today, and skipped the WDT tool, and lo and behold, no squirting! I can't for the life of me understand why one grind would respond differently given that all the other variables were the same but the gram consistency must just be that little bit different that it responds in a different manner. I guess the upside is it means that there has been some physically noticeable changes after spending that much money on a grinder

I've run a few pounds of cheap medium roast beans, I'll stop by the store and get some more. That makes sense.

Thanks again for the help!