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#11: Post by jpender »

I noticed mine were shipped Priority 2-day. It was the only method offered as I recall.

Which USPS shipping option do they use with the 5lb bags?

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#12: Post by marlodmb »

my 2 day priority took 13 days....

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bluesman (original poster)

#13: Post by bluesman (original poster) »

jpender wrote:Which USPS shipping option do they use with the 5lb bags?
3 day

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#14: Post by slybarman »

bluesman wrote:It's not the roasters' fault and we need to support them through this terrible time for all of us. But on a brighter note.......
Agree, though if this keeps up roasters that want to keep customers are going to have consider alternative shipping (UPS/Fedex), which may cost us more.


#15: Post by jpender »

I wonder why my orders have been timely. Luck? Or does it have something to do with where I am (SF Bay Area)?

Given the problem it would be nice if they offered alternatives. Let them know that you aren't going to buy their coffee anymore because of shipping issues.


#16: Post by coopachris » replying to jpender »

Just read through the thread. Postage right now is a total crap-shoot. Moved to Atlanta from the Bay Area in August, some shipments regardless of carrier arrived well ahead of schedule or several weeks late. Strangely what ever mail I send back home always arrives the next day...

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bluesman (original poster)

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Here's some perspective. The other piece of "back mail" we received today was an anniversary card from friends in Boston. It's postmarked December 10.

The good news is that if our coffee shipments will now spend 2 weeks in transit, we'll be OK because we supplemented our subscription with 2 additional bags bought at our local Whole Foods. So we're right back on schedule. The only problem will arise if and when shipping goes back to the usual 2 to 3 days - we won't have enough room in the freezer for the additional jars, so we'll have to drink more coffee for a week or two :D

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#18: Post by daveR1 »

I guess I've been lucky. Recent orders from Klatch (SoCal), Noble (Oregon) & Counter Culture (NC). I'm in Utah. Typical time to delivery after ordering 3-4 days.


#19: Post by chipman »

I received my blue bottle order in two days. It may be certain locations are more efficient than others. I can see where there might be delays thru out the eastern seaboard.


#20: Post by beanman »

I think its regional, and spotty. I received my Seattle Coffee Gear order yesterday, and FedEx moved it ontime until an upper midwest snow storm caused the delivery trucks to not do their outlying routes (I'm 60 miles from their delivery point). So they delivered on Saturday. Two boxes, one from Seattle with flavoring syrups, and one from their Sellersburg, IN location with my new Ilsa 9-cup moca pot.
USPS is definitely spotty. Most things move on time. A few get delayed for an undetermined amount of time--but rarely get lost.