SearchPean Tiny Espresso Scale with Timer

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Hey folks,

I have a SearchPean Tiny Espresso Scale with Timer ( and have some questions that I think some of you may know.

1) Every time I turn it on it starts in PR2 mode. I have to tap the left button several times to get to PR1. Is there a way I can change the default mode when it turns on?

2) When I am switching modes it seems like I switch it twice from PR1 to PR1 (T) then PR2 and PR2 (T)? Are there only 3 modes or are there 5-6 modes? Is one of the modes with the timer auto starting and one without?

3) I might buy another scale so I can have 1 at work and 1 at home. Any other recommendations < $50?


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I've used the 'Searchpean' for a year. Despite harsh critics elsewhere on the web, this scale is the best value for what it does. It fits on the GC Pro and nicely on the Flair Pro 2.
1) can't find a default mode for PR1 & have to use Morse code to tap the left button to get to espresso mode...usually 3 rapid taps.
2) 3 modes AFAIK. ESP auto timer/auto tare (as others have commented-can't preinfuse because the timer stops and won't restart. PR2 auto timer mode but you have to tare the scale..and finally a fully manual mode -you start the timer and manually tare the scale.
3) haven't found another scale at this price point that has these features.

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Does it have a Calibration Mode with the use of a Standard Weight of 500g or 1kg?
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Hi y'all,
1) AFAIK no calibration mode. However, using 3 U.S. quarters (post-1965 5.67 gr each) equals 17.01 gr about a "dose" of espresso.
Placing these 3 coins in various tared receptacles I'm getting 17.0 gr with different weighted tared containers.
2) Clarification. In my previous post I mentioned using "Morse code" taps to change from NOM mode to ESP mode. More accurately what
I'm doing is double tap-pause- (display should blink once) double tap again. That's worked well to toggle between the 2 modes.


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Sorry, no timer, but I love this little guy:

0.01 g resolution. I use my phone or kitchen timer to time my shots.

This one has a timer:

The only reason I'm not a fan is because it "only" has 0.1 g resolution. If you don't care about 0.01 g (and honestly I don't know why I do, it makes no difference) then maybe give that one a try.