Scales that work for espresso and brew

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Looking for a scale that I could use for pour over and espresso. I have a GS3 for espresso. My understanding is that height is the main issue here...

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What is your price range?

There are rumors that La Marzocco may soon support stop-at-weight on some of their Bluetooth-connected machines. If so, I'd wait to see the compatibility list. That's the one feature of the DE1 really miss on other machines. For the record it was a user, Damian, who developed it, not JB.

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Thanks. I do not have a BT connected, and not very interested in upgrading.

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The MAXUS/Weightman/Joe Frex $15-ish ones are good for the price. They can be slow to respond and drift a bit with temperature. You might need a coaster or other insulator for pour over if you want to be accurate to the gram on your pour

The Acaia Lunar is visually attractive and very functional. It does better for usability if you disable all the modes you aren't using. The one instruction that I wish I had the first time was double-tap to turn off. I don't recall which button though!

The Timemore Black Nano I have used and it works well. The buttons on the side are a bit annoying for me.

I'd also look at Coffee scale 10cm wide x 1.5cm thick (4" w x 0.6" h)?