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Got the parts. The screen is crazy bright. The brightness is on level 1 in the pic and I still find this very bright even on the battery. My old eyes can read it w/o glasses so that is a plus.

Also in the pic are the two pressure sensors. They are smaller than expected.

So far so good. Now the harder stuff.


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Made a test of a static graph + numbers to try out the idea of a fast-switching display. For my first test, I tried a blue graph and red text and all i did was make purple....doh! Adding some blank frames and adjusting the duration of each layer eventually made it work. So to the eye, you see red and green in the squares that overlap. The camera cannot pick this up and shows things at orange (although I do like the colors and might do this instead. happy accidents!). When everything is moving it will be easier to decide what way works best- changing the overlapping color or fast-switching.

The mockup is showing 227.66ish grams. The green is the flow with each column = 1sec. The blue is the 0.X grams. The two blocks in the left most column= 100 grams each.


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Got my first look at a few hundred measurements a second from a scale. The view is between 7.2 and 8.1 seconds. I put the weight down and lifted it a little to generate some highs and lows. Still, I am impressed with how fast it can respond. It is not all rosy. As Jeff warned, the 10lb fx29k is not so hot for small amounts. The scale jumps in 0.3g increments.

I'll try the 500g load cell next and compare.