RIP Gianni Cassatini

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In remembrance, an interview from May 2022:

Part 1: 18:16 long
Coffee needs stability in the brewing, in the barista techniques, in the roasting and in the grinder. In this video Gianni Cassatini and Les Kuan explore recent grinder improvements.

Part 2: 35:45 long
Gianni and Les talk about many past, present and future coffee experiences, ideas...

They talk about which measuring tool is the best to use for roasting and making coffee. TDS? Refractomoerter? No, it is...

They discuss the time when light roast first became a fad and how many tried to manipulate the machines to compensate for the taste. Gianni goes further to proclaim " coffee is meant to be sweet and pleasant" . This sounds straight forward but still alludes many cafes...

Their discussion meanders into why the barista competitions were incredibly important because it made manufacturers innovate for it, and consequentially improve the temperature and pressure stability of machines.

And more in depth discussion on the vertical burr set and how it is easier to heat versus the horizontal due to...
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Gianni was one of the nicest people I ever met. He always greeted me with a smile and a hug and was really helpful to me and many others. He was one of the people I looked forward to seeing at every trade show and every barista competition. I'm gonna miss him.


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Thanks for sharing.. sad to hear!
very interesting conversation about grinding temperatures!