RIP Attilio Bosco

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Scant information other than a post on Bosch's Facebook/Instagram pages, but it appears the founder of Bosco Espresso Machines, Attilio Bosco has unfortunately passed away. What a scion of craftsmanship and quality. Thoughts go out to Roberta and the rest of the clan at Bosco. My buddy Philip Meech at Cafe Lusso recalls thoughtfully the beauty of his one-of-a-kind 5 group Bosco with hand hammered side panels done by Attilio himself 8 years ago. I took this picture on my first visit to Caffe Lusso back in 2018.

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Ah RIP Attilio Bosco, and condolences to Roberta.
Thanks Tom for letting us know

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Attilio almost died from Covid in July 2022 and unfortunately he never fully recovered.