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After a nasty (classic) flu which left me with a long talk of cough, I've had too many "cough drops" candy. My espresso tastes odd and muddy and all over the place. I haven't had covid so I don't think it's the usual related loss of taste.

Ctrl-alt-delete? Pressure cleaning? Halp!


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Time! Whenever I have a bad cold/flu, it's usually my favorite things that taste disgusting. Not much you can do but wait it out.


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I'd make sure I brushed all the soft tissues in my mouth (you can brush your teeth while you're at it), including a good tongue scraping/brushing. Finish with a warm salt water gargle.

That should at least freshen things up.

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Search on palate cleanser for related topics such as this thread from January.
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My cousin has been currently struggling with COVID like symptoms of prolonged reduced taste perception following a flu-like illness (possibly a false-negative COVID swab test). He hasn't been able to smell or taste craft beer hardly at all, ever since, about 2 months now.

His general practitioner ordered him a small kit of scent training essential oils to help him recover some taste/smell perception.

They're easily available on Amazon ... B08DLZWZX1
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Time will heal it, hopefully. I have a friend who lost her sense of smell due to covid, despite 4X vaccinations. She's still smell-blind after two months. I sent her this link which, while not therapeutic, she did enjoy.

Probably not a good palate cleanser though.