Reliable coffee shipping times?

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Shipping USPS from Blue Bottle is so unpredictable. One week it takes 8 days, another, 10 days. Last week was great, 5 days. Today my order is 3 days past roast and the tracking number says only that the shipping label was created. I do not know if BB has delayed the shipment of if the USPS tracking system is refractory to updates (my bet is on the latter). But if tracking systems are supposed to offer reassurance, this does just the opposite.

Eight day old roast is acceptable - except it all-too-quickly turns into 11 day roast. Let's not talk about freezing here. Let's talk about getting coffee in a timely manner.

Is anyone getting good shipping from their roaster? I'm in Atlanta.


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BuckleyT wrote:Is anyone getting good shipping from their roaster? I'm in Atlanta.
I'm in San Francisco and the most recent roaster I've ordered from is in Minneapolis, ~2000 miles away. They roast and ship USPS the same day and I get it two days later every time.

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BuckleyT (original poster)

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Thank for your reply. And that roaster would be...?

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I've been ordering from all over the country (usually based on recs here or just interesting offerings I find through Generally I try to order on a Sunday or Monday, the coffee is usually shipped Monday or Tuesday and arrives here Friday or Saturday. I've made the mistake of ordering on Thursday and Friday before and had the coffee roasted on Friday, marked "shipped" on Friday and then sit waiting for USPS pickup (according to their tracking) until Monday. With SEY, it was somehow roasted the day before I ordered it, a Thursday, and arrived ~9 days later (10 days post roast can be a lot for decaf).

The only USPS related major delay I experienced was a bag of Kuma Kenyan that took ~3 weeks to arrive (and displayed an alert for that entire time notifying me to contact the sender). They very kindly re-shipped a complimentary bag that arrived about a week before the original.

One of my favorite roasters, Brandywine, charges 9.50 for fedex shipping, and it's arrived 2 days post roast every single time. Kinda a hefty price addition but nice that it's so reliable.


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USPS is slow to update, most often initially after they receive a package and start working it through the line.

I'm in Raleigh, so close enough to Atlanta. Both have sizeable airports closeby. I've ordered plenty from BB, plus many other roasters, never more than 6 days old. And often it's only a few days old.

Hard to say why you're seeing issues, unless BB is uncomfortably slammed. I've not ordered from them since January. You should be able to see the complete tracking history, even if it's after delivery.

Most stuff I order from BB is lighter roasts, but even the espresso, I find needs 10 days before it's ready.


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I'm in Atlanta and order from Black & White. You have to time your orders around their roasting schedule, but I typically receive it in 2-3 days via USPS.


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BuckleyT wrote:Thank for your reply. And that roaster would be...?
The one in Minnesota is Paradise. I've had similar fast USPS deliveries from other roasters. Caffè Lusso in Seattle is another example. I don't know if it's my location or what but USPS works just fine for me.

The one less than stellar coffee shipping experience I've had recently was from a local roaster. They are a few miles from where I live but it took them over a week to send the coffee after they had roasted it and boxed it up! It wasn't the fault of USPS. The roaster sat on the coffee.

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I'm in the mid-Atlantic. Everything shipped via usps from out of the immediate region takes 7-14 days to get to me, even it it is shipped Priority. I have been asking roasters to ship via UPS.

BuckleyT (original poster)

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jpender wrote:The one in Minnesota is Paradise.
Paradise is a good roaster, so I decided to order from them.

Nine days later, the coffee just left Detroit. :roll:


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Bummer! I wonder what's going on that I get stellar service over 2000 miles and you get crap service over half that distance. It's interesting. And if I were you I'd be kind of pissed off about it.

EDIT: I ordered something from Florida several days ago. 2700 miles away. Free shipping. The vendor sent it First Class Package, USPS. It took 3 days.