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TomC wrote:........a very precious copper one for any of my 58mm groups........ my gorgeous Custom Copper Reg Barber Tamper
"TomC" that is a beautiful Reg Barber tamper. I bought as gift a similar copper base Reg Barber for (R.I.P.) Dr. Robert Pavis ("rpavlis")'s LaPavoni Europiccola as barter payment for his fabricating brushed aluminum bolt covers for my Orphan Espresso Pharos. For those unaware metal bolt covers are necessary to keep Pharos aligned and original Pharos has polymer bolt covers.

At that time, "voodoodaddy" sold out of their upgrade kit and the metal bolt covers. And Orphan Espresso did not yet have them as a-la-carte option. Dr. Pavlis refused to accept direct monetary payment and just asked for "something unique." He replied he really liked the Reg Barber tamper with copper base.
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I bought mine back in early 2016, when I was a complete neophyte and couldn't pull drinkable shots most of the time. Nothing fancy: walnut handle with a 58.3 mm flat stainless steel base. I've never even had another thought about another tamper since. I'm the kind of person who likes to spend a little more on quality items that will last me a lifetime. I certainly achieved that goal in this instance. And the aesthetics of the look and feel/grip make every shot (I'm much better at it now!) a joy to pull. Cheers Reg!