RANT: How to stop people buying me coffee?

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#1: Post by cafeIKE »

Whenever we visit coffee producing areas, we search out a competent local roaster, purchase a few kilos for the folks back home in the hope the bulb might go on and they'll abandon *$ et al.

When the enthusiastic recipients visit same said areas of the globe, they pick up some airport dreck and excitedly offer it as recompense stating it's "that wonderful coffee you brought us."

I haven't got the heart to tell them it's likely going in the bin. On point, yesterday we binned a pound of Vienna roast, circa the middle of last year, Tarrazu. :cry: :? :evil:

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#2: Post by Spitz.me »

Usually the people that ACTUALLY know me, know well enough not to even attempt to bring me coffee. Anyone else, they don't know me, they're doing something nice, but it's no different than receiving other random things from people who want to make a good impression that don't know you... useless crap you'll never use anyway.

just .... :) - Nod - :| + Thank them
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#3: Post by CRCasey »

You never know, someday they may bring you something you never had before, instead of something you didn't want. If they want to do it be gracious and let them. You do not have to drink it, but someday you may find something interesting.

But you can except it and not do anything with it.

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#4: Post by iginfect »

Save it to break in new burrs.


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#5: Post by another_jim »

cafeIKE wrote: ... the enthusiastic recipients ... pick up some airport dreck and excitedly offer it as recompense ... I haven't got the heart to tell them it's likely going in the bin.
I once brought a wine loving acquaintance a bottle. He thanked me, and later, quite casually, pointed out a shelf of crap bottles he'd gotten as gifts. By the time I left, I saw my bottle was there too. Kind of brutal, but after that, I did my homework. Try it, if you have the gall. They'll either bring better or no coffee.
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#6: Post by ethiopie »

I don't mind. It's like theatre and literature with me. I just like to read and see plays. A minor Balzac - say Le cousin Pons - can give me great pleasure. I suppose I think that people who only like good books and good plays are snobs. I often get coffee as a present, and more often than not it's absolutely atrocious. But I'm always eager to try it. The problem is that you're supposed to say nice things about presents.

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#7: Post by gyro »

iginfect wrote:Save it to break in new burrs.


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#8: Post by HB »

ethiopie wrote:The problem is that you're supposed to say nice things about presents.
Or about the giver, e.g., "That was very thoughtful of you! Thanks for thinking of me."

A few times, I've received similar gifts; if the giver pressed for feedback beyond "it was nice", I delicately point out that coffee, like bread, goes stale [surprisingly] quickly and that regrettably it was past its prime. This conveys the hint that coffee may not be a wise thank-you gift without casting too much negativity on friend's kind gesture.
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#9: Post by RegulatorJohnson »

find out where they are. for example san francisco.

recommend restaurants and roasters etc. "hey you should try ritual coffee on Valencia, oooh and dosa across the street is a awesome place to eat!, check out blue bottle or four barrel. have a great trip"

thank them even if they bring you a pile of poop.
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#10: Post by jlhsupport »

I would say the same etiquette applies as you would find in a less than stellar coffee shop. If you see that the person is trying and at least putting forth a conscious effort to give you something they believe is good, it's best to leave well enough alone.

The good news is it's not like getting a crappy decorative bowl that they expect to see the next time they visit your house. They expect the coffee to disappear, and that's exactly what will happen. 8)
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