Puck Screen Branding (BPlus, Flair, Shades of Coffee)

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#1: Post by Scheissami »


Anyone compared these? My understanding from searching online and here is that the Flair is definitely a re-branded BPlus screen, though also with some manufacturing variance early in production.

I've also read that the BPlus screens themselves aren't manufactured by them and are not significantly different from the screens found on Aliexpress and elsewhere. From what I've read they are multilayer metal mesh (stainless, 316) 1.7mm thick, with both 50 and 150 micron layers.

I live in the US.
Buying direct from BPlus: screen in $33 with $30 shipping = $63
BPlus on Amazon: $53
Flair: $35 + $5 shipping: $40
Shades of Coffee: $21 + $7 shipping = $27
(can buy 3 screens for $58 + $9 shipping = $67 or $22 each)
Etsy: $20 each + $7 shipping = $27

Just trying to find the most economical way to get one or a few of these screens. If there's no difference between them then I'd just buy three for the price of one. Not trying to be super cheap, but if these are all the same and just rebranded then I don't necessarily feel particularly bad about not buying the "OG" BPlus screen. Just trying to save a few bucks after blowing up my bank account recently :P


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I'm considering to order from bluestarcoffee.eu. Their puck screen is 12 Euro including shipment. The only reason I'm hesitant is because it's not clear if the diameter of the screen fits machine. See this post.

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#3: Post by MNate »

Someone on the Decent Diaspora claimed the aliexpress one is the same after measuring and looking at it too. The flowing is 58.5 and supposed to be a perfect fit for the Decent portafilter which I think is nearly identical to the IMS. I ordered three but shipping isn't super fast so we will see. But you can order from aliexpress from the US:
https://m.aliexpress.com/item/10050030 ... 056&gclid=

It would be nice to know who "invented" this in order to give credit and sales. Of course I don't think Weiss made money off his WDT idea either, which is often the case when you adapt something designed for another purpose. What's someone to do?


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Thanks for posting. I had the same question and would like to add the Normcore screen to the mix. It's only $20 USD on Amazon.

https://www.normcorewares.com/collectio ... less-steel

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Scheissami (original poster)

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Ended up getting the Normcore puck screen on Amazon, $20 shipping via Prime.

If I like it I plan to order several on Aliexpress (thanks MNate!) but am too impatient to wait four weeks (quoted arrival was going to be Nov 2, though the price would have been $20 for three screens). I'll be able to compare their quality and will update this post.

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#6: Post by dennishy »

I recently ordered from a seller on etsy who offered custom sizing with different thickness options up to 2.0mm claiming to be of 316ss mesh for ~19 shipped. There's even optional screen engraving and a lot of the text description seemed similar to Bplus's site. Once it arrives I'll let you know if it's any good!


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MNate wrote:you can order from aliexpress from the US: https://aliexpress.com/item/1005003099713915.html
The AliExpress item you linked comes in 2 mesh densities: 100uM and 150uM. Which is the best size and closest match to the name brand screens?

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#8: Post by MNate » replying to mycatsnameisbernie »

You know, I think the product updated since I ordered the other week, and it didn't give sizes when I ordered. Others tested the 150 and 100 and seemed the recommended the 150. Or did I give a different link, it appears? And you know I can't find that specific thread anymore! This is the one I ordered:
https://m.aliexpress.com/item/10050030 ... 2b9&gclid=

I expect it to come any day and can report back, if that helps. Sorry!

I ordered this puck rake while I was at it and it has come and I very much recommend...

https://m.aliexpress.com/item/10050033 ... ef0&gclid=


#9: Post by Giampiero »

I bought the Shades Of Coffee the thin one, not the 1.7mm thick.
The first thing i noted is that the use of a calibrated tamper is suggested ( not a standard 58mm) to avoid some ground remain on the coffee basket wall, ( above the puck surface) that consequently will require a light tamping to properly levelling the puck screen.
In term of reduced channeling, i was expecting something better, as claimed in many videos,but the puck it come off more easy even in ridged basket, i like a lot the fact that the screen shower remain very clean.
The only annoying thing is that to retrieve the disk you have to search inside the knock box, of course you can take it out before to knock off the puck, but in term of workflow....meh.
I did not felt any particular difference in the result in the cup, but this is a really subjective matter.


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If you let the puck dries up a little, then you can tap gently the portafilter with the mesh facing down and IME it drops down with the puck staying in the portafilter. That's what I used to do when making back to back shots.