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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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Any results yet? I am also looking to get a shower screen and just saw the Sprometheus review of Bplus.


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The samples I got from China seem as good as the Normware I got - but I dont have it to compare side by side. Results in terms of even extraction and no channeling seemed the same (and fine) as well as great in-cup taste. But The shot time consistency b/n repeat shots was a little too much of a gamble for me. Could be other things going on (I was dialing in new beans and my grinder might have been going thru some seasoning woes) - I'll come back to it one day but it will be a distant day... my home setup will be boxed/sold in the next week or so as I'm going travelling for at least a year. I'll miss having a low-cost high-end espresso every morning.


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Seconding the normcore vote. I got mine off of Amazon a few months ago and would love to know how it stacks up.