Protective film for Acaia Lunar?

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Not sure where the right place is for this question, so I'll just put it here.

I see that Acaia makes protective film for the Pearl but I haven't seen anything from Acaia or the aftermarket for the Lunar. Has anyone come across this? As a 'plan B' I could either buy the ones for the Pearl and trim them down, or just run over to the local auto tint place and ask them for a scrap of clear paint protective film but if there's a pre-cut offering I'd be interested. I'd love to be able to protect the Lunar without having to use the included rubber pad, as I suspect every millimeter will help with the Linea Micra.


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I believe the Acaia has a porous surface while the Pearl is a glass like surface. It's like a cellphone screen protector where it needs the surface to be like glass or shiny plastic.

JohnPK (original poster)

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I have both scales. The Pearl is plastic and the Lunar is a painted or powder coated metal finish. Neither is porous but both can get scratched up from the bottom of ceramic cups/mugs. I only use the Pearl for pour over or cooking, so using the provided rubber pad is not an issue but I'm planning to use the Lunar with the Micra so I'd like to protect it without having to use the rubber pad.