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dominico (original poster)
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You hit Quick Mill right on the nose! :)
The pronunciation for La Spaziale is good, I would just capitalize the AH to signify where you put the stress.

I'll add it to the initial post.
Il caffè è un piacere, se non è buono che piacere è?

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Duchessa: Doo-KESS-uh
Ducale: Doo-KAH-lay

What I WOULD do for a good cup of coffee!


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This is great--THANKS Dominick!

It's going in my wallet, right next to the "Emergency 20"

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Randy G.

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I can add:
Vibiemme - Vee-Bee-Em-may (pronounced like the letters of the Italian alphabet)
The company name came from the names of the executives who left Faema and formed the company: Valente, Biancolini, and Meroni (V, B, and M).
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