Pressurized basket and 2 holes?

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I recently purchased an upgraded portafilter with a center hole and dual spout (the kind that splits underneath for 2 cups). My issue is that I still want to use my pressurized basket, however, because the single hole lines up right above the portafilter hole there is crazy spraying when pulling a shot. If the single hole was offset to the side it would be ok as the coffee would hit the metal instead of the hole.

This might be a longshot but does anyone know of a pressurized portafilter basket that has a hole that is offset the center OR with 2 holes?

I tried the non pressurized baskets but can't get the pressure to build enough for a good poor. Getting too quick pull with no very little crema. The pressurized filter with my Breville Bambino works ok with the stock portafilter (which I removed the plastic insert) but I always need to raise the cup near the bottom or else it creates a mess.

As it stands the new portafilter pours into the cups well but as stated above I need a basket that will create pressure. Basically a pressurized basket with an offset from center hole would be perfect.

I know it's a long shot, but until I can get the regular basket technique working, if anyone knows of a pressurized basket like I described please let me know.


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Maybe try putting a dime or a penny in the portafilter to deflect the flow?
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Not the most appetizing solution, especially a copper penny. Not sure about other coins adding any weird flavors either.

But a great suggestion and got me thinking about diverting in the portafilter if it can't be done through a specialized basket.

Maybe mesh or some other metal material jammed or put over the portafilter hole to divert the stream? So, I am experimenting with the metal filter from my Moka Express cut to fit at the bottom of my portafilter.

I still want to know if there are any baskets that fit the bill, but I will update with when I test this other method.

Again, the coins suggestion is not what I was looking for. However, it got me thinking which made it a great suggestion. Thanks! :D

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I've never seen or even heard of a basket such as you describe. Also, this is the first I've heard of this spraying problem, yet virtually all machines that use pressurized baskets are built like yours. Years ago, I had a bunch of Breville machines and never experienced this. You could fill the centre hole and, using a tiny drill, make one or two new ones offset from centre. But, really, this would be a band-aid solution. I think you have a grinding issue. If you set your grinder to the finest setting, your regular baskets should not run fast; indeed, they should choke.

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For my standard basket I am using the finest grind setting on my machine already, so it may not be enough.

The filter plate from my Moka Express cut to fit worked ok but it still sprayed a bit using the pressurized

Trying to avoid a new ginder purchase so I have a vaccumed pack of very fine grind espresso. I will test it to see if it is the issue, as you suggested.

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Well I tried a finer grind, different tamping, an extra metal filter, WDT, and my latest, a puck screen. For some reason nothing can stop the high flow rate and low crema result. Alternatively the pressurized filter just creates a mess and the crema is a thick foam.Whether it's channeling or grind, or the machine, whatever, a good cup of coffee should not be a stressful experience.

I'm returning the portafilter and going back to my stock Breville Bambino portafilter w/ pressurized Basket. Although I need to hold the cup close to the spouts to avoid a mess, it is still a consistently good espresso.

This has been a case of it ain't broke don't go into the rabbit hole! It's a little messy but in the end its the final taste that matters.

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LOL I know I practically the only one posting here but I spoke too soon and found a workaround.

Instead of putting the puck screen on top of my portafilter I put it in before the pressurized basket. Now the strong stream is hitting the puck screen and the coffee is getting dispersed. This has resulted in a much better flow from the spouts to the cup and no spraying using my stock & new portafilter. It seems the puck screen is dense enough to stop the high-pressure stream and diffuse the coffee.

Good enough for me.

I may try some experimenting with the placement of the puck screen in a non-pressurized setup, but I would guess that the screen would do little to improve the coffee placing it before the basket. In this case it would go directly inside the basket, before the coffee, to allow for a bit of extra resistance to the flow.


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Congratulations on finding a unique solution. Your last paragraph makes me think the suggestions for a finer grind may be correct.

I may have missed it but what grinder are you using?