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#191: Post by OpenSource »

square mile decaf made by niche zero and bezzera unica


#192: Post by ntietz »

Pulling some Elixir Beekeeper on the Pro 700 with my new Specialita. Pretty happy with the new grinder so far! (And with my new phone camera. they've improved a lot!)

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#193: Post by cccpu »

Some recent shots from the Ultra+BDB combo.

LMWDP #583

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#194: Post by Jake_G »

Shot of Onyx Geometry from this morning:

LMWDP #704


#195: Post by idrinkjetfuel »

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#196: Post by BaristaBoy E61 » replying to idrinkjetfuel »

Love that Cup & Saucer! Nice shot.
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#197: Post by luvmy40 »

This morning's shot of Brazillian at the Hilton in Tampa, FL.