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Want to talk espresso but not sure which forum? If so, this is the right one.

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A shot from my Flair Signature.
Guatemala San José Poaquil HRNS from CBC City Roast on 9/27

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good 'ol caffe lusso

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra

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Hope everyone's day is as good as this shot was! Vivace Yellow Bourbon Brazil

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Ceremony Mass Appeal


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Gutemala, City
Roasted 10/25

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I shot with lunch yesterday. I love how portable the Robot is.


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Just whipped up this little espresso martini! Cheers

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hard_six wrote:Just whipped up this little espresso martini! Cheers
Is this the vodka+kahlua+espresso recipe? If so, I'd add a twist of lemon rind rubbed on the rim. The citrus balances out all the sweet coffeeness really well!

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A nice 1.5:1 ratio of LeverCraft natural geisha.
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